I'm Carlos Jiménez

Who I am

I'm a Gameplay Programmer with strong skills in C++, C#, Unity, Godot and Software architecture. I've developed and published several indie minigames and prototypes on my own as well as collaborating with artists and designers.

I've been playing videogames almost everyday since I was able to grab a controller, which has given me a lot of experience about the mechanics and designs of lots of genres. I'm also a usual pen 'n paper player and game master, as well as a long fan of card and board games.

My background working with web technologies helped me develop my interpersonal skills, collaborating with different departments and clients.

What I've done

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Christmas tree farm simulator, with an ecological and scary twist!

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Damng!: La balada del Capitán

Tactical turn-based game inspired by games like XCOM or Battle Brothers. Help a band of scoundrels get revenge for the death of their former captain. Submission for the Spain Game Devs Jam II.

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The Grand Escape of Dielucard

2D platformer where you control Dielucard, a Dhampir Warrior, and help him escape a dungeon.

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Line of Fire: Strategic Defense

Plants vs Zombies clone with a sci-fi / dystopian style.

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Dragon Attack: Skies of Oriadris

Get the higher score you can achieve in this top-down arcade shooter.

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What I'm doing

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Blind Goat

As a powerful god, help your favourite goat get to the top of a mountain. Did I mentioned the goat is blind?

Contact me

I'm always open to new collaborations, interesting projects and learning opportunities. Please send me a message through any of these sites.

Or use this contact form to send me an email. You can also find my email in the footer.